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What is q


The 17th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant. Any spoken sound represented by the letter Q or q, as in quick, acquit, or Iraq. Something having the shape of a Q. A written or printed representation of the letter Q or q. A device, as a printer's type, for reproducing the letter Q or q. Quarterly. Chess. queen. The 17th in order or in a series, or, when I is omitted, the 16th. (sometimes lowercase) the medieval Roman numeral for

500.Compare Roman numerals. Biochemistry. glutamine. Physics. heat. Thermodynamics. a unit of heat energy, equal to 1018 British thermal units (

1.055 × 1021 joules). Also called Q-factor. Electronics. the ratio of the reactance to the resistance of an electric circuit or component. Biblical Criticism. the symbol for material common to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke that was not derived from the Gospel of Mark. Farthing. Quart; quarts. Query. Question. Quintal. Quire. Quarto. Quebec. Queen. Question. (in Guatemala) quetzal; quetzals. An·son [an-suh n] /ˈæn sən/, 1798–1858, president of the Republic of Texas. Ca·sey [key-see] /ˈkeɪ si/, John Luther Jones, 1864–1900, U.S. locomotive engineer: folk hero of ballads, stories, and plays. ChuckCharles Martin Jones, 1912–2002, U.S. film animator. Daniel,1881–1967, English phonetician. Ernest,1879–1958, Welsh psychoanalyst. (Everett) Le·Roi [luh-roi, lee-roi] /ləˈrɔɪ, ˈli rɔɪ/, original name of Imamu Amiri Baraka. Henry Arthur,1851–1929, English dramatist. Howard Mum·ford [muhm-ferd] /ˈmʌm fərd/, 1892–1980, U.S. educator and critic. In·i·go [in-i-goh] /ˈɪn ɪˌgoʊ/, 1573–1652, English architect. John LutherCasey, 1864–1900, legendary U.S. locomotive engineer, raised in Cayce, Ky. John PaulJohn Paul, 1747–92, American naval commander in the Revolutionary War, born in Scotland. John Win·ston [win-stuh n] /ˈwɪn stən/, 1791–1848, U.S. politician: Speaker of the House 1843–

45. Mary HarrisMother Jones, 1830–1930, U.S. labor leader, born in Ireland. Quincy (Delight)Q, born 1933, U.S. jazz musician, film composer and producer. Robert Edmond,1887–1954, U.S. set designer. Robert Tyre [tahyuh r] /taɪər/Bobby, 1902–71, U.S. golfer. Rufus Matthew,1863–1948, U.S. Quaker, teacher, author, and humanitarian. Sir William,1746–94, English jurist, linguist, and Sanskrit scholar. Sir Arthur ThomasQ, 1863–1944, English novelist and critic. The 17th letter and 13th consonant of the modern English alphabet A speech sound represented by this letter, in English usually a voiceless velar stop, as in unique and quick Quintal Chess queen Question Physics heat Text messaging queue Daniel. 1881–1967, British phonetician Daniel. 1912–93, Welsh composer. He wrote nine symphonies and much chamber music David. 1895–1974, British artist and writer: his literary works, which combine poetry and prose, include In Parenthesis (
1937), an account of World War I, and The Anathemata (
1952) Digby (Marritt). Baron. born 1956, British businessman and politician; director-general of the Confederation of British Industry (2000–
06); Minister of State for Trade and Investment (2007–
08) Inigo (ˈɪnɪɡəʊ). 1573–1652, English architect and theatrical designer, who introduced Palladianism to England. His buildings include the Banqueting Hall of Whitehall. He also designed the settings for court masques, being the first to use the proscenium arch and movable scenery in England John Paul, original name John Paul. 1747–92, US naval commander, born in Scotland: noted for his part in the War of American Independence (Everett) Le Roi (ˈliːrɔɪ), Muslim name Imanu Amìri Baraka . born 1934, US Black poet, dramatist, and political figure Quincy. born 1933, US composer, arranger, conductor, record producer, and trumpeter, noted esp for his film scores and his collaborations in the recording studio with Michael Jackson Robert Tyre, known as Bobby Jones. 1902–71, US golfer: won a unique 'grand slam' in 1930 of US Open, US Amateur, British Open, and British Amateur championships Quart Quarter Quarterly Quartermaster Also: q plural Qq or qq quarto Queen Question Sir Arthur (Thomas), known as Q . 1863–1944, British critic and novelist, who edited the Oxford Book of English Verse (